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There is a 5 to 7 day window on all orders placed - Click on photos to order
54 quart  /  Holds 60 pounds of ice
Can hold 30 bottles of beer, 12 soft drinks and a 12 12-pack of bottled water

120 quart  /  Holds 100 pounds of ice
Can hold 50 bottles of beer, 18 bottles of water, 18 soft drinks and more . . .

All Rustic Coolers have drain plugs and galvanized metal inserts with foam lining
Rustic Cooler / Spurs
Cooler with Spurs
Rustic Cooler / Welcome Sign
Cooler with Welcome Sign
Rustic Cooler / Boat Anchor
Cooler with Boat Anchor
Rustic Cooler / Star
Cooler with Small Star
Rustic Cooler / Special Order
Rustic Cooler / Longhorn
Rustic Cooler / Texas Star
Large Rustic Cooler w / Texas Star
Want to be different? Stand out in the crowd? Then back up to your next outing and drop the tailgate with our Rustic Tailgate Cooler. It is equipped with all the qualities of our other coolers. It can hold 24 drinks with a 10 pound bag of Ice. When your finished, slide it back in your truck or SUV and use it to keep your milk and cold goods cool on the ride home from the grocery store. Available with your choice of décor. Call or email for more details.
Rustic Cooler / Tailgate Cooler
Another great piece we now offer. This unit combines a 25 inch table top with a 12 x 12 x 12 galvanized cooler. Perfect for those who have just enough room beside your bar-b-que pit or are needing a safe dry place to dock your I-Phone. This unit measures a total of 43 inches long x 17 inches wide x 32 inches tall (when assembled). The storage underneath the table top is ideal for all your favorite beverages, wine, cooking utensils, or radios! The storage space below is approximately  25 inches long x 13 ½ inches deep x 13 inches tall.

The fully insulated cooler is large enough to hold  18-24 of your favorite can beverages along with enough ice to keep it cold for the entire day!  This cooler is distressed to appear old. All the edges are rounded and the entire cooler distressed to give it a vintage look. We have worked with our stain manufacturer to bring you the same look  with the weather resistant abilities of an oil based deck sealer. This unit is good for indoor and outdoor use and ready for those sunny days!
T a b l e   T o p   C o o l e r   w i t h   S t o r a g e
T a b l e   T o p   C o o l e r   w i t h   S t o r a g e
Special Order Cooler
Cooler with Longhorn
Cooler with Texas Star
Large Cooler with Texas Star
This is our Medium Cooler with side shelves. The cooler is fully insulated, galvanized lined with our original drain system found only at Rustic Cooler. We went and installed two folding shelves on each side for your party. Simply raise the shelf when needed and slide out the brace for a solid, stable work station or drink holder. Available with your choice of décor. Call or email for more details.
Rustic Cooler / Tailgate Cooler